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The Racial Imagination of the Lindy Hop from the Historical Standpoint – Comments and Corrections

American Allegory: Lindy Hop and the Racial Imagination by Black Hawk Hancock. Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press. 2013. Copyright by Harri Heinila Dr. Black Hawk Hancock discusses in his study how an originally African-American jazz dance, the Lindy Hop, … Continue reading

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The State of Jazz Dance

Written (copyright) by Harri Heinila In the end of September 2013, The National Hand Dance Association organized one of the most important events in Washington D.C. The event included a panel discussion with Old Timers from The Savoy Ballroom era … Continue reading

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The Creators of The Lindy Hop: George ’Shorty’ Snowden and Mattie Purnell

Written (copyright) by Harri Heinila When the United States prepares to celebrate its independence day on July 4th, some of its most important cultural characters in the field of dance stay mostly unknown and uncelebrated. George Snowden, who was born … Continue reading

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