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The author of the site is Harri Heinila, Doctor of Social Sciences, political history, and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki. He is interested in Authentic Jazz Dance: all jazz dances from different eras of jazz. E.g. Cakewalk, the Charleston, Black Bottom, The Lindy Hop, Mambo, Rhythm Tap. Heinila researches jazz dance, in particular, in the context of Harlem, New York. His doctoral dissertation, An Endeavor by Harlem Dancers to Achieve Equality - The Recognition of the Harlem-Based African-American Jazz Dance Between 1921 and 1943 is a groundbreaking study in the field of jazz dance and Harlem.

In Defense of the Former Lincoln Theatre Building in Harlem

Written and copyright by Harri Heinila It was recently reported that the former Lincoln Theatre building at 58 West 135th Street, which has been the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church for the last decades, will be demolished for a new … Continue reading

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The Third Generation by Terry Monaghan

The late jazz dance and Savoy Ballroom historian Terry Monaghan originally posted this in his as part of the Savoy Ballroom story which was depicted in the website. The site is not working anymore. The Third Generation by Terry … Continue reading

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Frankie Manning Revised – A Few Thoughts About His Role in the Lindy Hop

Written and copyright by Harri Heinila The late Frankie Manning is likely the most known Lindy Hopper in the world at this moment. You can find interviews, articles, comments and videos about him almost everywhere. There are people who literally … Continue reading

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Swing Dance or Jazz Dance – A Few Words About the Use of the Terms

Written and copyright by Harri Heinila Contemporary dancers have used the terms ‘swing dance’ and ‘swing dancing’ as the terms which have been interchangeable with the terms ‘the Lindy Hop’ and ‘lindy hopping’ for the last decades. When compared the … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Swing

Written and copyright by Harri Heinila. The whole May 2015 was dedicated to the celebration of Frankie Manning, Savoy Lindy Hopper and Whitey’s Lindy Hopper, who is commonly considered the Ambassador of the Lindy Hop among so-called swing dancers. Manning, … Continue reading

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Mama Lou Parks by Terry Monaghan

CRASHING CARS & KEEPING THE SAVOY’S MEMORY ALIVE by Terry Monaghan Always in a hurry, Louise “Mama Lu” Parks crashed cars regularly. Usually about one a year, and they were usually Lincolns or Cadillacs. That activity was indicative in two … Continue reading

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Afterthoughts from Frankie100

Written (copyright) by Harri Heinila Between May 22nd and 26th, 2014, it was organized one of the biggest events concerning so called ‘Swing Dance’ scene for years in New York. The event obviously gathered about 2,000-3,000 enthusiasts at least from … Continue reading

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